We share your vision of a better world. And we looked for ways to turn our beliefs and talents into a business. That's when NuLevel was born. Today it's a multi-disciplinary consultancy dedicated to meeting the needs of mission-driven clients in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector. 


We have the bench strength to provide a wide array of services yet we're not burdened with the cost structure or bureaucracy of a big national consulting firm. These factors translate into custom-made solutions and nimble response times at affordable rates.


Partner in Success

We see ourselves as an ally to lean on when you're stretched thin, a partner to help tackle challenges or to identify strategies to get to the next level.

We know passionate people are drawn to mission-based work. We also know that day-to-day chores associated with organizational structure can drain energy and compromise focus. 

We provide an array of services and solutions that will enable key staff to focus on their passions, mission and programs.

We were drawn to the sector by our desire to help those companies that are striving to make a positive impact on our world. 

Practical & Realistic

Flexibility is key. We 'meet you where you are,' recognizing that each organizational lifecycle is unique. We stand ready to assist whether on a temporary, short term or long term basis, whatever works best for you. 

We believe that practical solutions are more likely to be implemented than lofty ideas. So while our work is informed by standard and emerging best practices, we find best-fit solutions. 


We have extensive experience working in mission-driven organizations. We have a deep understanding of the pressures that leaders face on a daily basis. While a consultant’s role may include delivering difficult news or facilitating challenging conversations, we always respect our clients and their myriad of challenges.


There is no cut-and-paste solution. With an array of services offered, we can combine and customize services  based directly on an organization’s needs.

We’ll work closely with you, your board and staff to not only produce immediate results but also to give you the tools to succeed into the future.

Learn how we might help your organization address its challenges and move to the next level. Please contact us!