Every day, we are privileged to serve a range of organizations whose work collectively will: 

  • improve the quality of life for at-risk youth;
  • reduce crime;
  • shelter homeless families;
  • help immigrant & refugee populations;
  • educate under-served populations;
  • promote art education;
  • promote the community eco-system and local farmers;
  • provide advocacy & financial security for those in the teaching professions as well as other community service professions. 

Our clients are national and local. Some prefer confidentiality; some have strict use guidelines for trademarks in advertising and we must respect their wishes. For these reasons, we shall refrain from listing client names and logos here (although references are always available upon request).

It's not an exaggeration to say that the work of our clients literally shapes our world. Each month we highlight one or more of our awesome clients.


Please join us in helping bring joy to HOMESPACE families during what is an often-difficult time of year. Click on button to view wish list or request a copy of the list via e-mail


Welcome our newest management consulting client. 

Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope (NOAH) does important community organizing work striving daily to affect social change in pursuit of a more just environment where ALL people have access to the resources they need to thrive & all people have a voice.

We are thrilled to serve the Women's Business Center (WBC) for our third consecutive academic year providing group coaching to established business owners. The only SBA funded women's center in Western New York, the WBC hosts advisory group sessions in its beautiful program space at Canisius College (Science Hall).  For more information about Advisory Groups and/or other programs, go the WBC website at

The Western New York Law Center (WNYLC) provides legal representation to low-income people of the region. The Center also helps legal service offices statewide to better use technology in a cost effective manner.

Tenant Rights & Security Deposits were the focal point of WNY Law Center series during the month of April 2018. Lessons in the series prepared tenants with knowledge of their rights and how small claims court works.

“Small claims court is meant to be kind of the people's court, where you can go in and file,” said Staff Attorney, Pam Lanich. “It's not meant to be a difficult process.” Still, Lanich says there are many who don’t know where to begin the process of taking their landlord to court.

The WNYLC sees many cases in which tenant’s security deposits are unreturned with no explanation. Tenants are encouraged to be vigilant in reclaiming their security deposit. "It can be intimidating because some of the landlords might be represented by an attorney or professional attorney and a regular person might feel they can't handle it on their own," said Lanich

In addition to landlords being out of the city – WNYLC has seen increased barriers for non-english speakers; therefore Spanish and Burmese translators were on hand to assist guests at their class.